XTreme Amino 5400 (400 caps)

Fitness Authority XTreme Amino 5400 400 caps
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Fitness Authority - XTreme Amino 5400


Xtreme Amino 5400 is a comprehensive and highly effective formula of amino acid, available in a new, more effective form! The best combination of amino acids supplied from concentrate, isolate and whey protein hydrolyzate.

  • The new and most advanced formula enriched with Optipep ® and ISOLACA ®
  • High protein
  • It stimulates protein synthesis
  • Increases muscle anabolism
  • It inhibits catabolism of muscle tissue
  • It accelerates post-workout recovery

Easily accessible to the body's source of all the essential amino acids in a convenient tablet form for human consumption Xtreme Amino 5400 is an excellent source of amino acids, derived from the highest quality concentrate, isolate and whey protein hydrolyzate. This unique formula provides all the essential amino acids, including BCAA and glutamine valuable. Food Xtreme Amino 5400 protects the body's positive nitrogen balance after each workout which promotes anabolic processes. Xtreme Amino 5400 inhibits catabolism of muscle tissue, stimulates protein synthesis and accelerates the regeneration of post-workout so you gain lean muscle mass is much more efficient. Convenient form of tablets enables efficient delivery of amino acids before, during and after the completion of training, which ensures that you meet your goals will be easier than ever before!

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