100% Glutamine (2000 gr.)

Protein Buzz 100% Glutamine 2000 gr.
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100% Glutamine 1000 gr.
100% Glutamine 1000 gr.
Protein Buzz
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Carbohydrate-free, pharmaceutical grade conditionally essential amino acid powder. Protein contributes to increasing and maintaining muscle mass. L-Glutamine is a protein derivative, accounting for a great proportion (60%) of all amino acids in muscles. As it is also produced in our body, it is not inherently essential, but certain conditions and circumstances can increase the need for glutamine – such as exhausting or regular training. In such cases, you need increased Glutamine supply.

The unflavoured powder supports combinability, therefore it can be easily mixed with other supplements such as mass gainers or isotonic products.

In 1 serving:

  • 5000 mg L-Glutamine amino acid

Recommended use: Take 2 servings daily; 1 before and 1 after workout (1 serving = 1 measuring spoon).

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