Amino 2222 Liquid (948 ml)

Optimum Nutrition Amino 2222 Liquid 948 ml
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Superior Amino 2222 - Liquid

One Serving of Amino 2222 Liquid provides 22,222 milligrams of top-grade AMINO ACIDS in its most absorbable form. Amino 2222 Liquid is enhanced by the Hydro-Alpha Kinetics energy system which includes B-Complex Vitamins, Biotin, Paba, Choline, Inositol, Folic Acid, and more!

Simply take three tablespoons before or after workouts and as a dietary supplement between or before meals.

Amino 2222 Liquid features Optimum Nutrition's New Hydro-Amino Bond System which aids the body in absorbing Amino Acids more quickly and easily.

The Hydro-Amino Bond System is a revolutionary process that bonds Branched Chain, Free-Form and Peptide Bond Amino Acids together by enzymatically hydrolyzing them under Optimum conditions. The result is "powerpacked, protein dense, high-performance amino acid liquid energy" essential for rapid muscle growth.

The Hydro-Amino Bond System enters an athlete's body in liquid form and assimilates into the system quickly and easily to allow for rapid utilization of the Amino Acid formula.

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