Meal plan for female dieters (60-65 kg)

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You're just about to try your first fat-loss diet but don't know where to start? Here comes a little bit of help: start with a meal plan like this one! Forget the classic "three meals-a-day" theory, make it five smaller meals! This way your chances are better to delay or even avoid the inevitable hunger for a while that comes with any diet.

Meal plan for female dieters (60-65 kg)
  Weight Protein Carbohydrates Fat Calories
breakfast 150g 17,9g 21,0g 8,9g 242kcal
1. Egg 70g 9,5g 0,4g 8,4g 119kcal
2. Brown bread 40g 3,4g 20,2g 0,3g 100kcal
3. Egg White 40g 5,0g 0,3g 0,2g 23kcal
elevenses 250g 19,5g 71,2g 7,0g 437kcal
1. Oatmeal 100g 14,4g 64,3g 6,8g 386kcal
2. Yogurt 150g 5,1g 6,9g 0,2g 51kcal
Lunch 250g 29,3g 41,1g 2,6g 313kcal
1. Brown Rice 50g 4,0g 38,0g 1,5g 186kcal
2. Pickled cucumber 100g 0,6g 2,6g 0,1g 14kcal
3. Chicken breast fillet 100g 24,7g 0,5g 1,0g 113kcal
Snack 275g 28,8g 5,6g 1,4g 153kcal
1. Tomatoes 75g 0,8g 3,0g 0,2g 17kcal
2. Chicken breast fillet 100g 24,7g 0,5g 1,0g 113kcal
3. Broccoli 100g 3,3g 2,1g 0,2g 24kcal
Dinner 210g 36,5g 8,3g 36,4g 523kcal
1. Pumpkin seeds 25g 8,5g 0,9g 12,6g 156kcal
2. Light cottage cheese 150g 21,2g 5,7g 0,8g 117kcal
3. Almonds 25g 6,9g 1,7g 13,1g 157kcal
4. Flaxseed oil 10g 0,0g 0,0g 10,0g 93kcal
Daily nutrition 1 135g 131,9g 147,2g 56,2g 1 667kcal
By calories
32.44% Protein
36.19% Carbohydrates
31.35% Fat
0% Other
Weight distribution
11.62% Protein
12.96% Carbohydrates
4.952% Fat
70.45% Other

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