System Protein 80 (2,2 kg)

Olimp Sport Nutrition System Protein 80 2,2 kg
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Powdered high-protein concentrate OLIMP 80 has been designed as a diet supplement for high-performance athletes, for persons performing jobs requiring intense physical exercise, and also for convalescents. It is particularly recommended for strength athletes, strength-endurance athletes, and bodybuilders. OLIMP 80 ensures the optimum growth of muscle mass and strength through an increased delivery of high-quality proteins. OLIMP 80 contains wholesome, easily assimilated proteins rich in exogenous amino acids, including branched-chain amino acids, which ensures the positive nitrogen balance during training exercises. The product stimulates the anabolism of muscle proteins, inhibiting at the same time catabolic reactions associated with the energy processes of physical effort. OLIMP 80 meets the highest requirements for high-protein products. It contains appropriately selected ingredients combined in an easily digestible and easily assimilated formula. OLIMP 80 is a complex product, supplemented by metabolic activators – L-carnitine and lecithin delivering choline and inositol. In addition, it contains a combination of appropriate vitamins and minerals, including trace elements (chromium, selenium, molybdenum) in quantities ensuring the normal course of metabolic processes during vigorous physical exercise and increased intake and metabolism of proteins. Owing to appropriate combinations of ultrafiltered whey proteins and egg whites, it is an ideal product for everyday use and a very good protein meal before going to bed.


Take 1-3 portions a day – especially before sleep, upon awakening and after training. Add 1 portion (35 g - 90 measuring units of the Olimp scoop or 6 flat tablespoons) to 150 ml of water. Not suitable for diabetics. Keep out of reach of children.


97% protein-mix (whey protein concentrate, ultrafiltrated egg protein), 1,5% cacao (for chocolate, chocolate-mint, toffee flavours), aromas, natural instant coffee, natural instant malt coffee (for coffee, cappuccino flavours), acidity regulator – malic acid, 0,2% lecithin, thickener – xanthan, sweeteners –acesulfame K, sucralose; 0,02% L-carnitine, vitamins (L-ascorbic acid – vit. C, dl-alpha-tocopheryl acetate – vit. E, nicotinamide - niacin, D-biotin, retinyl acetate – vit. A, calcium D-pantothenate - pantothenic acid, pyridoxine hydrochloride – vit. B6, cholecalciferol – vit. D, pteroylmonoglutamic acid - folic acid, thiamin mononitrate - vit. B1, riboflavin – vit. B2, cyanocobalamin – vit. B12), colours: E 129 (for strawberry, strawberry-banana, black currant, cherry, raspberry flavours), E 110 (for orange, multi-fruit, vanilla-yoghurt flavours), E 150c (for toffee, coffee, chocolate, chocolate-mint, hazelnut, cappuccino flavours), E 104 (for banana, lemon-yoghurt, lemon flavours).

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