CE2 Hi-Def (90 caps)

MRI Performance CE2 Hi-Def 90 caps
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CE2 Hi-Def

Thermogenic Creatine Complex
Picture Yourself Stronger, Larger And In Hi-Def!

We formulated CE2 Hi-Def for people that want to be strong and cut. You see, with regular creatine, athletes have talked about getting stronger, but complain about getting bloated and "puffy" looking at the same time. Now, with CE2 Hi-Def you have the same ester creatine technology that the CE2 label is famous for, but you also get Thermo-RK - a thermogenic technology to enhance the break-down fat for enhanced muscular definition. Without compromising the strength gains you´re looking for in a creatine supplement.

But there´s more. With CE2 Hi-Def you´re also getting beta alanine for enhanced strength gains and prolonged aerobic strength. That´s because beta alanine helps buffer muscles from fatigue-inducing lactic acid.

Sound too good to be true? Need more convincing?

Ester Creatine + Beta Alanine + Thermo-RK

We built CE2 Hi-Def with you in mind: Someone who wants to get stronger and get ripped at the same time. CE2 Hi-Def´s three ingredients work together to hit your muscle cells and your fat cells hard. Here´s how it works:

Overview of Thermo-RK

Thermo-RK is MRI´s high quality source of raspberry ketone, a component of red raspberry that has been shown to help accelerate metabolism. Basically, Thermo-RK activates hormone-sensitive lipase, causing intracellular fat to break down and get released. That releases fat is then burned for fuel. Thermo-RK has been clinically tested in humans to reduce fat.

The nice thing about Thermo-RK is that you won´t get any jitters. It´s a safe, clinically tested extract that helps you burn fat.

Overview of Ester Creatine

Ester creatine is the most advanced creatine supplement available. MRI´s ester creatine (CE2) is synthesized in the United States. It is the highest quality ester creatine available.

Cleaner, Faster Creatine Absorption

It is the power of lipophilicity. CE2 absorbs in minutes, not hours, because it is fat soluble (lipophilic). As a result, you get "full load absorption" making CE2 the most muscle available creatine you can buy. Water-based creatines (that aren´t lipophilic) rely on transporters to get from the gut to the bloodstream. CE2, on the other hand, slides right into the blood stream.

Because the absorption of ester creatine is so rapid, there is also less waste. We call it "clean absorption", meaning less creatine hanging around in your gut waiting to get absorbed (or converted to creatine´s by-product, creatinine).

No Cycles

Due to the fact that ester creatine is transporter-independent, there is no need to cycle. That is, your body will not build a tolerance to ester creatine supplementation, so you can continue to stay on the product and enhance your strength. This is a big advantage because before the introduction of CE2, creatine could only be taken on 6-8 cycles. So with CE2, you can get stronger, and stay stronger.

Overview of Beta Alanine
Flushing Out Muscle Toxins

Beta Alanine works by generating carnosine. Carnosine helps stabilize muscular pH by absorbing hydrogen ions that release inside your muscle during exercise. By helping you maintian pH balance during exercise, carnosine prevents lactic acid burn during exercise and helps prevent suboptimal muscle performance. (Note: Taking carnosine directly as an oral supplement is not as effective as taking beta alanine for muscle pH balancing.)

Synergistic Effect

It should also be noted that beta alanine has a synergistic effect with creatine. A published study reported that athletes taking creatine with beta alanine added more lean muscle mass than athletes taking creatine alone.

Day 1

No more waiting for effect from creatine. Sure, like any other creatine supplement, the best us yet to come. But, on day 1 you will feel Thermo-RK get to work on your fat cells. A strong no-jitter rush of thermogenesis that works through activation of norepineohrine.

Days 2-15

Ester creatine is loading your cells with creatine. But what used to be "the calm before the storm" is a period of increased workout capacity as beta alanine (via carnosine release and the stabilization of muscle tissue pH) is preventing the build up of lactic acid. And lactic acid, as you know, is creatines worst enemy. So with the HI-DEF, you´re not just taking the super high quality creatine, but beta-alanine is a tremendously potent compound in its own right!

Days 22-29

This is when CE2 delivers on its promise. Try doing intense interval cardio and intense weights in the same workout. You´ll be amazed at how you don´t feel the need to rest between sets, or how can get a great cardio workout in even when you do an intense weight workout. That´s because you´re a seemingly endless supply of ATP for fuel to both your Type 1 and Type 2 muscle fibers! Muscular endurance starts to ramp considerably. Again, it´s the synergistic effect of beta alanine + pure ester creatine! You´re getting stronger because your workouts are stronger, from start to finish.

Days 30-45

You´ve completed 45 days (1 bottle) of the highest quality ester creatine. So your muscles have been loaded with fuel for increased strength and visibly harder muscles (without the water accumulation (edema) the people complain about experiencing with regular creatine.) You´ve had 45 days of beta alanine supplementation for even greater strength. So you´re stronger than you would have been if you were just taking a creatine supplement alone. And, you´ve got 45 days of enhanced fat-burning for your desired physique: strong and ripped. At day 45, check your BMI. If you´ve been eating right and training hard, your BMI should be dramatically lower. With increased strength and muscular definition to prove it.

Directions For MRI CE2 Hi-Def:

Take 2 caplets in the morning and 2 caplets in the afternoon.
On Training Days: Take one of your daily doses (2 caplets) 30-60 minutes before your workout to promote the utilization of fat for energy.
Note: To maximize results, drink at least 64 ounces of water daily while using CE2 Hi-Def.

Warnings: Do not use if you are pregnant, nursing, at risk for or suffer from renal (kidney) or hepatic (liver) dysfunction. Consult your doctor id you are taking any over the counter or prescription medication. Do not use if you have been prescribed and are taking Disulfiram (Antabuse), or if you have any known hypersensitivity to any of the components in creatine or ethyl alcohol. Not intended for use by individuals under the age of 18 years.

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