Prophecy® (250 gr.)

IronMaxx Prophecy® 250 gr.
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IronMaxx® Prophecy®

The strongest legal booster!

Prophecy® is the strongest workout booster worldwide, and develops its enormous increase in strength and performance through the unique synergistic effects of the various ingredients. Seldom is a workout supplement so strong in its effect that already 10g of the highly concentrated high-tech powers mixed with 200 ml cold water leads to more energy, stamina, increased blood to the muscles and improved concentration. The active ingredients present in Prophecy® are, in that respect, so highly concentrated that further supplements are superfluous to requirements and it is not necessary to exceed the recommended dosage. Without fillers or any unnecessary additives, Prophecy® is only overloaded with the unadulterated active ingredients which have specifically only been combined for a single purpose – to supply energy for astonishing workout sessions. Work out harder and more intensively than you have ever done before, and you also will penetrate your performance plateau with explosive and red hot workout sessions. Prophecy® is clearly an all-in-one-booster for short, intensive workout phases and for all beginners and advanced athletes who simply want to get more than the maximum out of themselves. Bring your body onto a professional level, and benefit from the noticeable effect already after taking Prophecy® for the first time. Experience the solid muscular strength, extreme pumps and lightning speed muscle regeneration, as well as being fully concentrated and alert from the beginning of your workout right until the end.

Body and soul, combined into one machine!

Prophecy® has been developed for athletes who reach the limits of their performance and are looking for a pre-workout formula which puts their spirit in a position to do justice to this high level of performance. Because each additional repetition is crucial to success, accordingly each set of workouts needs to be carried out with100% concentration.

So that such mental resilience can be guaranteed, Prophecy® contains 5 special success complexes, for workout thrusts without remorse. The mixture of synergistic ingredients of golden root (Rhodiola rosea), Chinese berry grape, tyrosine, Gingko biloba and biopeperine puts the spirit, as well as the body, into turbo mode. The golden root extract enjoys widespread use in medicine as an active substance for increasing performance and reducing stress. Chinese berry grape can positively modulate protein synthesis and therefore prevents workout-induced muscle damage. Besides the extracts of golden root and Chinese berry grape, in addition Prophecy® contains pharmaceutical grade Gingko biloba, biopeperine and tyrosine. These additives help to increase mental power and performance, and simultaneously reduce stress and tension. L-tyrosine has, as a raw ingredient, a very noticeable mood-lifting effect, and is therefore indispensable for creating a mental focus and motivation to work out.

There are no limits, and there is no muscle fatigue!

Each intensive physical workout session results in an increase in lactic acid in the muscle cells. Through this increase in lactic acid and the associated accompanying negative pH value displacement, the production of muscular energy is prevented. The reduced muscular energy in turn leads to an early drop-off in performance, and makes further repetitions impossible. Therefore, Prophecy® comprises the three immediately available power substrates, beta-alanine carnosine and citrulline. New results from research prove the mutual reinforcement provided by this unique combination, which is taken up by the body very well and has a direct impact upon the muscles. As proven by the latest trial results, beta-alanine increases the pH value in the muscle cells through increased synthesis of carnosine. In this way, hyperacidity is retarded and ATP can continue to be formed. Citrulline also functions as a natural buffer of muscle acid, and increases muscle endurance due to a low ammonia level Muscle fatigue, muscle burning and a drop-off in performance set in considerably later, which means that you can achieve maximum muscular performance. Accordingly, with a minimal dosage Prophecy® develops maximum workout sessions until the muscles are really worn out. You can also knock down your fitness studio, and benefit from the irrepressible boost of energy and the ultimate tunnel vision, for more concentration when working out.

Penetrate performance plateaus!

Naturally, the latest advancements in creatine research have also been used, and, based on scientific trials, an effective creatine complex (ACG) has been developed. Creatine has the ability to accelerate and improve ATP production in the muscle many times over. The result is better performance, power and endurance, as well less time needed for recovery. The unique creatine matrix in the form of Alpha-ketoglutarate is the reason why the creatine molecules are can be absorbed into the muscle cells, and stored and mobilised there, considerably more rapidly and in a quantity previously unheard of. You also can top up your creatine store to its maximum in the briefest period of time. In addition, citrulline malate assists energy metabolism, by being able to significantly increase ATP synthesis while working out and creatine resynthesis after working out. With Prophecy®, the full potential of creatine is already available to your muscle cells within a few minutes, which means that your workout intensity is increased enormously, and you can rapidly build muscle mass and strength. Workout blockades thus belong to the past! You will have no more problems in achieving higher levels of performance, and using increasingly heavy weights. You will overcome bothersome performance limits, and can effectively and continually build solid muscle mass.

Without Prophecy®, also no pump!

By pump or workout pump, a musculature well supplied with oxygen is meant. The highly concentrated pre-workout formula of Prophecy® produces an extreme and lasting pump during workouts, without you wanting never to work out again. Any ambitious athlete knows that, the more pump you achieve during workout, the better the muscles are supplied with nutrients, and muscle growth sets in sooner. Therefore, pump is so relevant when working out, and means that you not only have a good feeling and well-being, but your muscles also appear to be bigger and more taut. Decisive for a good workout pump is the anabolic amino acid arginine. Arginine in the high-grade compound as Alpha-ketoglutarate is preferentially taken up by the muscles, and leads to a greater production of nitric oxide (NO). It widens the blood vessels and promotes a more effective and better blood supply to the entire musculature. As many trials prove, the muscles also receive more oxygen, and that means that more energy is available to start the contraction. In addition, the muscular conversion of arginine leads to optimum muscle heat, as well as a dilation of the muscle fibres and an anabolic metabolism.

Already a serving before working out supplies maximum muscular strength, due to the fact that it is enriched with creatine and citrulline. Besides the nitrogen booster arginine, in addition beta-alanine and carnosine ensure that the vessels are dilated and that there are few signs of fatigure in the stressed muscles. The special focus matrix consisting of caffeine, Gingko biloba and tyrosine assists the oxygen supply and confers the mental boost for the workout.

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