BCAA Zero Amino Energy Drink (330 ml)

BioTech USA BCAA Zero Amino Energy Drink 330 ml
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BCAA Zero Amino Energy Drink

  • 4,000 mg, 4:1:1 ratio BCAA per serving 
  • 100 mg caffeine per serving 
  • 1,000 mg taurine per serving 
  • 600 mg D-glucuronolactone per serving 
  • Niacin, vitamin B5 and B6 
  • Sugar-free  
  • Aspartame-free 
  • No preservatives 

How, when, for whom  

  • Recommended for you if you want more than a plain energy drink → it will energise and also “protect” your muscles, quickly and conveniently.
  • When you're facing extreme challenges → e.g. work a lot, prepare for a difficult exam or drive long hours.
  • If you want to work out even longer and even harder. 
  • Instant and sugar-free amino supply before physical exercise.
  • When preparing for a competition (fitness). 

Muscle protection and boost

BioTechUSA's energy drink contains 4:1:1 ratio BCAA, that is, leucine, isoleucine and valine, constituting the group of branched-chain amino acids. Based on certain research findings, these are also often called "muscle protecting" amino acids, due, on the one hand, to their proteolytic effect, and, on the other hand, their protein anabolic effect, that is, the positive effect they have on protein building. That's also why it's crucial to continuously supplement all three of them, because our body is not capable of producing them. 

Want even more BCAA?

Try BCAA Zero, one of BioTechUSA's most popular amino acid formulas!

Like all BioTech USA products, BCAA Zero Amino Energy Drink consists of safe and carefully selected ingredients.

Recommended use: Do not use with alcohol-containing drinks. Drink cold for best taste. After opening, store in a fridge and consume within one day. Do not drink more 4 cans of energy drink a day or two cans at once.


Do not exceed recommended daily allowance. The product must not replace a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children.

High caffeine content: 30 mg caffeine/100 ml BCAA Zero Amino Energy Drink. Not recommended for use by children and pregnant or lactating women. Not recommended for use in case of a known underlying disease, especially heart disease, high blood pressure or caffeine intolerance.

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