100% Dextrose (2 kg)

Protein Buzz 100% Dextrose 2 kg
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Dextrose (2 kg)

Dextrose is the simplest carbohydrate there is which absorbs almost immediately after drinking. This is our quickest source of energy. Tha basis of most low-priced mass gainers. Dextrose - due to it's fast absorption rate - rapidly increases blood sugar and insuline levels which subserves the nutrition of our muscles after workout. However this process - happening in a short period of time - can lead to an unfortunate event: the unnecessary amount can easily be transformed into fat. Another downside of dextrose is that blood sugar will drop below normal levels after drinking if used in huge amounts. This is why people suffering in diabetes or hypoglycemia MUST NOT take their chances on dextrose.

If your goal is gaining mass then using fast absorbing carbohydrate in your post-workout shake is a must have. No doubt the most cost efficient solution is dextrose. If you gain mass rather difficult and your stomach can handle it, you can use huge amounts of it. If you can gain mass easily (especially fat) then don't go berserk with the used amounts. In a fat-loss diet you should only use a little or not at all. After workout protein is the most important, dextrose should be always used with protein and not instead of it!

The recommended use of dextrose

Dextrose should be always used after workout with your protein shake. A mass gainer doesn't need any additional dextrose, that would be too much sugar for one serving. If you don't have a scale at home (you should have one!) then use a standard protein scoop which can hold up to 35-40 grams of dextrose.

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