TT® Strong (180 caps)

IronMaxx TT® Strong 180 caps
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IronMaxx® TT® Strong

Unbeaten: 1600mg Tribulus Terrestris extract with 80% saponine concentration: TT® Ultra Strong!

TT® Ultra Strong - Tribulus terrestris tablets contain 100% high-purity, certified Tribulus terrestris extract. This demonstrated that it can decisively boost the enhancement of muscle mass, energy and performance in connection with intensive resistance training. TT® Ultra Strong tablets have a concentration of 1600mg Tribulus terrestris per tablet and therefore, also on account of the considerable saponine content, rank among the most highly concentrated and most high-performance Tribulus tablets throughout the world! The brute multiplication of your personal build-up of muscle and performance potential is the decisive anabolic factor that will also give you vital support during your build-up phase.

Optimised with 15mg zinc per tablet!

Zinc performs many different functions in the body. It has a key role in metabolizing sugar, fat, and protein. It is also involved in the assembly of genetic material and in cell growth. The immune system and many hormones require zinc to function. Zinc deficiency is not uncommon in Western countries due to poor eating habits. This is especially true for young people who need large amounts of zinc while their body is growing.

Become solid and strong with TT® Ultra Strong!

Regular athletic challenges can increase the testosterone content in the blood by up to 25% (dpa [German Press Agency], 30.05.2000). The testosterone content, the male sex hormone, reduces annually by 1.2 percent after reaching the age of 25, so that this can lead to an undersupply when advancing in years. Athletic challenges or an intensive training programme can significantly counteract this development. Tribulus terrestris extract is substantially involved in an improvement in performance in the case of athletic challenges and therefore boosts a natural testosterone modulation.

Why precisely do bodybuilders require more testosterone?

Testosterone is the strongest muscle enhancing steroid hormone in the human body. The build-up of the musculature is controlled by precisely this male sex hormone. Testosterone is responsible for all characteristics that are established as typically male, such as muscle mass, broad shoulders, beard growth, deep voice, sex drive, virility, assertiveness, etc. Hence, it is the hormone that makes real men out of boys and distinguishes them from women. Studies substantiate that testosterone stimulates the protein synthesis, boosts the build-up of muscle and speeds up regeneration. The more testosterone the body produces, the more muscles and energy you are able to build up.

Your benefits again at a glance:

Areas of application; sports groups; use:

Highly suitable for weight trainers and bodybuilders.


Generally, during the build-up of muscles attention should be paid to an increased calorie intake, because successful muscle build-up can only take place if there is a nutrient surplus. We therefore recommend a selective supply of additional proteins and carbohydrates in combination with the consumption of TT® Ultra Strong tablets. Drinking powder such as Propak®, Alpha whey, 100% Whey Isolate or Maxload® support the effective supply of protein components, carbohydrates, creatine and other important muscle enhancing nutrients.

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