Weight gaining Meal Plan for 60kg v.1

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We didn't overdo it this time: the basis if your protein intake will be the good old chicken breast but some beef, eggs and cottage cheese will also help us with our mission. As for the vegetables, you can find broccoli, lettuce and spinach as well so we can say this meal plan offers a pretty good variety.

Weight gaining Meal Plan for 60kg v.1
  Weight Protein Carbohydrates Fat Calories
- 06:00:00 250g 21,4g 26,5g 13,7g 324kcal
1. Egg 100g 13,5g 0,6g 12,0g 169kcal
2. Whole grain bread 50g 6,5g 20,5g 1,5g 125kcal
3. Paprika (red, frozen) 100g 1,4g 5,4g 0,2g 30kcal
- 09:00:00 270g 34,3g 56,8g 1,6g 388kcal
1. Broccoli (frozen) 100g 4,0g 2,0g 0,4g 28kcal
2. Rice 70g 5,6g 54,3g 0,2g 247kcal
3. Chicken breast fillet 100g 24,7g 0,5g 1,0g 113kcal
- 12:00:00 270g 31,1g 57,2g 1,3g 374kcal
1. Mixed pickles 100g 0,8g 2,4g 0,1g 14kcal
2. Rice 70g 5,6g 54,3g 0,2g 247kcal
3. Chicken breast fillet 100g 24,7g 0,5g 1,0g 113kcal
- 15:00:00 270g 32,9g 57,3g 1,4g 383kcal
1. Spinach (frozen) 100g 2,6g 2,5g 0,2g 23kcal
2. Rice 70g 5,6g 54,3g 0,2g 247kcal
3. Chicken breast fillet 100g 24,7g 0,5g 1,0g 113kcal
- 18:00:00 50g 4,0g 41,0g 0,8g 192kcal
1. Scitec Nutrition Mass 50g 4,0g 41,0g 0,8g 192kcal
- 19:00:00 270g 24,0g 56,9g 19,5g 513kcal
1. Beef (topside) 100g 17,0g 0,6g 19,0g 249kcal
2. Lettuce 100g 1,4g 2,0g 0,3g 17kcal
3. Rice 70g 5,6g 54,3g 0,2g 247kcal
- 22:00:00 120g 14,1g 3,8g 20,5g 264kcal
1. Cottage cheese, skimmed 100g 14,1g 3,8g 0,5g 78kcal
2. Flaxseed oil 20g 0,0g 0,0g 20,0g 186kcal
Daily nutrition 1 500g 161,8g 299,3g 58,8g 2 438kcal
By calories
27.21% Protein
50.33% Carbohydrates
22.44% Fat
0.000% Other
Weight distribution
10.78% Protein
19.95% Carbohydrates
3.922% Fat
65.33% Other

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